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 F. Della Notte’s Housekeeper Mystery Series

Book One – Released January, 2018 I’m Going to Kill that Cat – Amateur 21st century sleuths Father Melvyn Kronkey and his trusted, but audacious housekeeper Mrs. B. find themselves face to face with an evil that might destroy their church.

Book Two – COMING SOON: Catwalk Dead – A  new ballet company takes over an old theater. Strange things begin to happen then the stage manager goes missing. Is there a ghost making mischief in the theater or is it something else? Father Melvyn and Mrs. B. find themselves involved in a mystery that hits close to home.



The pastor of St. Francis de Sales, Father Melvyn Kronkey looks  up into the clear blue sky. Puffy clouds, pushed by the wind, glide from east to west. He feels good. He smiles. “God’s in his heaven, and all is right with the world.” He almost sings the phrase. The big man draws a deep breath. He is at peace… but only for a moment.

Shrieks and screams erupt on the sidewalk from the front of the church. “Help, help,” a woman screams. On her knees, twisting and struggling to control the dogs that yanked her down in their pursuit of LaLa, the villain in the opening drama, Martha Magswelle screeches, “I’m going to kill that cat,” while Father Melvyn and Rafael the gardener try to disentangle her.

Watching the scene, Martha’s arch-enemy Velma walks over. With as much warmth as the iceberg that sunk Titanic, Velma’s words send chills up everyone’s spine: “If you try to hurt my cat, you will be sorry…very, very sorry.”

The next morning, Velma’s dead body is found in the alley between the church and the rectory. What looks like a heart attack turns into a story of betrayal, revenge and murder involving a secret that if exposed threatens to destroy St. Francis de Sales parish. As information and a hidden journal are discovered the web of actors widens, the consequences become more punitive and the tentacles of danger encircle Father Melvyn and Mrs. B.

“A tale of mystery, greed, revenge and murder that will keep you wondering what will happen next.”

“The book is infused with warmth and humor, as well as a puzzling whodunit, which will satisfy mystery fans”. –  SPR Review

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